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WEAR YOUR SPELL Witch T-shirt. Spell of True Self. Magickal correspondences: Pentagram, Quartz & Chamomile

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Show off your witchy side wearing this WEAR your SPELL, Spell of True Self Witch T-shirt. 

Once you have practiced the spell below, wear your t-shirt to enhance and embody the energy of the spell. Manifest and let your magick flow.

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 Spell of True Self 🌙

You will need

  1. PENTAGRAM pendant or a drawn Pentagram on paper
  2. A piece of CLEAR QUARTZ crystal
  3. Dried CHAMOMILE flowers or Chamomile tea
  4. A quiet, comfortable, and calming space


  1. Set Up your Space: Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Create a calm and sacred atmosphere by dimming the lights or lighting a candle.
  2. Prepare the Pentagram: If you have a Pentagram pendant, hold it in your hands. If not, you can draw a Pentagram on a piece of paper. Visualize it radiating with energy and intention.
  3. Connect with the Pentagram: Focus on the Pentagram, which represents the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). Visualize it as a symbol of balance and harmony within yourself. Take a few deep breaths and center your energy.
  4. Clear Quartz Cleansing: Hold the Clear Quartz crystal in your hand and imagine it purifying your energy, removing any negative or stagnant feelings. Feel its cleansing energy flow through you.
  5. Chamomile Preparation: If using Chamomile tea, brew a cup of tea using dried Chamomile flowers. Hold the cup and take in the soothing aroma. If using dried Chamomile flowers, simply hold them in your hands.
  6. Chamomile Infusion: As you hold the Chamomile tea or flowers, say:
    "Chamomile, flower so fair and bright, Guide me to my true self, inner light. With your calming essence, I shall see, The path to my true self, set it free."
  7. Divination with Clear Quartz: Hold the Clear Quartz crystal in one hand and gaze into it. As you do, ask the crystal to reveal insights about your true self. Focus your intention on gaining clarity and understanding.
  8. Meditation: Close your eyes and hold the Pentagram, Chamomile, and Clear Quartz in your hands. Visualize a soft, warm light surrounding you, bringing you peace and clarity. Allow any insights or messages to come to you during this meditation.
  9. Empowerment: Hold the Pentagram pendant or paper with the drawn Pentagram to your heart and say:
    "Pentagram, guide me, reveal my truth, With Chamomile's wisdom and Quartz, unclothe. My true self, my essence, my inner me, Awaken my spirit, set my true self free."
  10. Closing: When you feel that you have connected with your true self and gained insights, thank the energies of the Pentagram, Clear Quartz, and Chamomile for their guidance.
  11. Journaling: After the spell, write down any insights, thoughts, or feelings you experienced during the meditation and divination. This will help you further understand and integrate the wisdom gained.
  12. Carry the Clear Quartz: Keep the Clear Quartz with you as a reminder of your true self and the wisdom gained from this spell. You can also wear the Pentagram pendant daily to continue to connect with your inner truth.

This spell combines the energies of the Pentagram, Clear Quartz, and Chamomile to help you connect with your true self and gain inner wisdom. Approach this spell with reverence, intention, and an open heart.


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