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"The Realm of Witchcraft is nothing short of Transformative—a Journey that deeply, authentically, and profoundly alters the course of your Life in the most Beautiful of ways."

I am Bec Black, a devoted practitioner and the creative mind behind Witchcraft Spells Magick. If you’re interested in business collaborations, please reach out via email, I would appreciate hearing from you!

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Witchcraft Spells Magick offers you a vast offering of witchcraft resources, supplies and, of course, a Coven!

The Practicing Witch Series by Bec Black

  • The Practicing Witch Diary 2024 has been published for the past 4 years. Digital, Paperback, and Hardback versions are available, with editions for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
  • The Practicing Witch Calendar 2024 - Wall calendar  with editions for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
  • The Practicing Witch Sabbats - Samhain The remaining Great Sabbats are currently being written.
  • Cosmic Magick Astrological Guide 2024 - Goals and Growth through Astrology. Digital, Paperback and Hardback versions available.
  • Tarot Guide The Tarot simplified and easy to understand, includes all 78 tarot cards and meanings.
  • Create your Grimoire Digital guide consists of 40 pages, including 27 essential witchcraft subjects with accompanying journal pages. 

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Witchcraft Academy Coven by Bec Black

You’re invited to join! All Coven content is produced exclusively by me, Bec Black. I created Witchcraft Academy Coven on the Patreon platform to assist busy witches with simplifying witchcraft practice and fostering connections mixed with regular practice.
Membership includes a wide selection of Practicing Witchcraft PDFs.

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Witch Music Playlist YouTube Channel original music for meditation and witchcraft ritual practice.

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