Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Shopping from digital products is an opportunity to invest in a sustainable future. Discover consciously crafted workbooks, pack and bundles.

Considered Materials

Products are supplied digitally significantly reducing environmental impact.

Reducing Waste

Digital files means products are made with a creative process that is helping reduce waste. All products come with clear instructions and a how to guide for using on your smartphone, tablet of desktop. The digital files can be used on a range of digital planners and notes taking platforms such as GoodNote.

Considered Processes

Within this attribute, all products are created using processes that reduce resource use and pollution. The printing is controlled by you, files can be used digitally or printed to suit your preferred process. At home printing allows you to control the pages you print, reducing the processing required across all products.  

Locally Made

The use of ink, paper and binding is controlled by you. Files are provided centered and with left and right margins enabling the use of both sides of the paper if printing.

This reduces the use of paper by 50%. Paper quality, thickness and paper sources manufacturing are able to be controlled reducing resources use and pollution. 

Management of Transport

Digital products reduce the need for transport, with zero emissions and no impact of surrounding environments.

Allowing products to be printed locally revolutionises the impact on the environment. Printing products locally significantly reduces the release of pollutants in the air, noise and waste. There is far less environmental impact on the surrounding animals, people and environment. 

Craft & Community

Printing products locally adheres to principles focused on investing in local communities. Providing jobs for artisans skilled in the required printing techniques.

Animal Welfare

Choosing to feature digital products removes the impact of investing in supply chains that impact habitats, animal freedoms and lives.

Printing processes and paper sources are controlled on a local and individual level. This act promotes good supply chain control and the practicing cruelty-free animal welfare.  


Our vegan products are 100%, there is no use of animal products of any kind. Witchcraft Academy is committed to avoiding the use of any animal products or ingredients that are derived from animals. Now and in the future.

Designed For Circularity

Products are designed and created to ensure they promote product longevity. These include reuse, recycling and/or printing services.

If you have any question please get in touch, customercare@witchcraftspellsmagick.com

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