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Create Your Own Magickal Grimoire with Book of Shadows Creator Digital Pages

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Discover the power of creating your own magickal grimoire with Book of Shadows Creator Digital Pages. Unleash your creativity and manifest your desires with this unique tool.

This digital eBook guide is packed with essential knowledge and practical tips for aspiring witches. Download now and begin your magickal adventure!

You will learn:

  • Knowledge and practical tips for practicing witchcraft

  • How to create your own Book of Shadows or Magickal Grimoire

  • Practical witchcraft practices

Content includes:

  • Comprehensive resource for starter witches and those looking for a refresher

  • Original content, design, and illustrations

  • Suitable for creating a personalized Book of Shadows or Magickal Grimoire

  • 40 pages with 27 essential witchcraft subjects and accompanying journal pages

The following PDF files are included:

1. Glossary - Defining essential witch-related terms

2. Book of Shadows - Answering: What is a Book of Shadows? How do witches use a Book of Shadows for magickal practice?

3. Magick Tools - A core list of witches' equipment for practicing witchcraft

4. The Witch Collector - Useful magickal elements for altars, rituals, and spells

5. Magick Herbs - Green witch essential herbs for witchcraft

6. Magick Crystals - Crystal glossary for enhancing magickal work

7. Witch Sabbats - Pagan Wheel of the Year - Ideal for printing and referencing all year

8. The Five Elements - Elemental correspondences and energies

9. Pentagram Symbolism - Protect, power, and invoke using magickal symbolism

10. Balancing Energy - Understand and align your body's energy centers

11. Energy Work - Mood and energy meditation practices

12. Totem Power Animals - Identify and work with your totem power animals

13. Divine Wisdom - Metaphysical insight, working with energy

14. Sacred Spaces - Understand and work with sacred energy

15. Witches Altars - Understand and set up altars

16. Circle Casting - Understand and cast a protective witch's circle

17. Ritual - Steps and how to practice rituals for witchcraft

18. Spells - Understanding spells, creating, and manifesting

19. Spell Casting - Create your own spells and make magick

20. Witch Bottles - Spell jars for magickal work

21. Lunar Cycles - Understand the energy of the lunar cycle

22. Moon Magick - Spell work for all phases of the lunar cycle

23. Divination - Knowledge for healing and guidance

24. Tarot - Cards for divination, insight, and guidance

25. Numerology - Reveal insight into magickal numbers

26. Runes - Secret language carved on natural materials

27. Sigils - Magickal and mystical symbols for spell work

PLUS: Decorative journal pages

For best printing tips a guide is included with your files.


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For personal use only.

Do not repurpose or reproduce NOT for commercial use.

Copyright © Witchcraft Academy by Witchcraft Spells Magick

A magickal book that is full of all things witchcraft, helping you with practicing witchcraft.


Included Formats

A4 PDF file
8.27” x 11.69”/ 21cm x 29.7cm

A5 PDF file
5.83” x 8.27”/ 14.8cm x 21cm

US Letter PDF file
8.5” x 11”/ 21.6 cm x 27.9cm

Inside: The Practicing Witch Diary

+ 2024 Diary, weekly, monthly and yearly, with weekly dated pages for all of your exciting witchcraft and life plans

+ Weekly and monthly witchcraft practice, setting up an altar, ideas and themes for every month

+ Sabbats and Equinoxes- Northern Hemisphere reference guides for all the Witch's Sabbats and Equinoxes.

+ Moon cycles- Lunar calendar chart, star zodiac, lunar and solar eclipses, ways to celebrate esbats, full moon rituals, and altars setups.

+ Meditation + Energy Centres- Aligning chakras, mediation techniques, thought control, visualisation exercises and ways to gain a deeper experience from your witchcraft practices.

+ Altars- Setting up monthly altars, Sabbats, Equinoxes, and full moon esbat altars. Essential altar tools, dedicating an altar to an intention, God/s, Goddess/es, deities or for spell work.

+ Circle Casting- Create sacred space, casting your circle and protection.

+ Correspondences- Elements, energy, herbs, crystals, colours, trees, flowers, fruits, animals.

+ Dream Journal- Reflect on the insightful messages from your dream state and record them in your diary.

+ Tarot Journal- Gain useful and insightful guidance with monthly Tarot readings, record and keep track of the results.

+ Additional notes pages,lined and blank with borders for your illustrations, ideas and documenting your witchcraft journey.