Witchcraft for Beginners - Am I a Witch?

Witchcraft for Beginners - Am I a WitchAm I a Witch? Witchcraft for Beginners Bundle

Witchcraft for Beginners

Dear Witchy Friends,

It can be confusing being a witch, there are no set regimented structures, no rules and often nowhere to meet and practice with other witches.

There are many Witchcraft for Beginners books available. 

For the most part with one fundamental missing component.

They lack the balance between a straightforward, uncomplicated beginner's guide to witchcraft and connecting to and working with magickal energy.

With this in mind, Witchcraft Academy created...
Witchcraft for Beginners - Basics Bundle - a Witchcraft for Beginner's Guide which takes you deeper. Deeper into the universal pulse of witchcraft.

Witchcraft for Beginners - Am I a Witch
Am I a Witch? Witchcraft for Beginners

Am I a witch?

Yes, most likely you are a witch. It's ok to be. 

To ponder is to think, to think, is to know.

Am I afraid to be a witch?

This may be a more appropriate question.

Witches are people who feel comfortable in the deep vibrations that surround them. Witches know there is surrounding energy, deeper than the day to day world. 

Witches feel universal energy that pulses endlessly. 

A witch respects nature and seeks to align with nature's energy. This may be through acts of conservation, preservation, caring for, enjoying, or exploring, the natural environment.

The energy of nature is all around us. 

Witches feel nature's surrounding energy and work with it. They work with all sorts of energies to create change in accordance with will. 

Witches heal, they nurture, they meditate with respect and gratitude.

Does this sound like you?


Witchcraft for Beginners

Witches may practice by creating an altar. 

A witch's altar is an intentional space with objects which represent a desired intention. The space is often a ledge, shelf, box, or ridge surface. The surface of your altar holds objects which symbolise your intention.

Witches work alone or with others. Both are equally beneficial and rewarding, gaining different, but like for like magickal results.

For a deeper connection with the heart and soul of witchcraft 
Witchcraft for Beginners - Basics Bundle is available in the Witchcraft Academy Store.

Witchcraft for Beginners - Am I a WitchAm I a Witch? Witchcraft for Beginners

A Beginners Guide to Witchcraft Book

Witchcraft Academy has written and designed this special beginners guide to witchcraft.

27 fundamental pages that include core witchcraft basics. All together in one comprehensive starter kit.

It is a beginner's guide to witchcraft book. With only 27 pages to read, you will be ready to practice - fast! 

Use the pages in a digital format or printable.


Witchcraft a Beginners Guide

Ideal for adding into your Book of Shadows for your witchcraft learning and practice. 

Book of Shadows is also known as a Witch Grimoire, Spell Book, Witch Journal or any notebook, diary you choose.

No matter whether your are beginning your witch journey or you have been a witch your whole life. 

Purposeful, practical and simplified, Witchcraft for Beginner's was created to help witches practice witchcraft.

Take a moment to reach deeper, feel the deep vibrations of witchcraft. They are exciting, captivating and endless in offerings of knowledge, magick, energy and an experience beyond conscious thought.

What should I include in my Book of Shadows?

Write, draw or scrapbook, include numbers you see regularly, colour associations, dreams, herbs, chants, or draw sigils, sketches and ideas. 

Decode Tarot readings, conjure spells, connect with your familiar, record experiences, learn, daydream, predict, and feel new things.

Add in ritual work, new ideas, feelings and thoughts. 


Witch's Ethics

There are no rules as such being a witch but rather ethics. To clarify there is no witchcraft sacred text. The entire fabric of history is witchcraft. Witchcraft is interlaced through every culture through time. The thread that is witchcraft weaves through history by no clear path. Witchcraft is everywhere, it always has been and always will be.

Witches live by their own ethics a Witches Code if you will.


Natural Magick

Witches code of ethics lies deep in nature. Natural magick is the most nurturing, healing, soulful, and spiritual energy available to us.

Accessing natural magick in your witchcraft practices will have powerful results. 


What is Natural Magick?

For a clear page turning read on the subject of; What is Natural Magick find a copy of Doreen Valinete's book title Natural Magick it really is a good read on this topic.

Witchcraft has evolved and organically transformed, since the dawn of humanity. Magick has always existence, painfully minimised to acts of controlled magic. That is not real magick.

Real magick can not be simplified. A spell, incarnation, mindset, meditation, trance or ritual based on an intention has its own energy. Real magick has transcended throughout time.

Witchcraft - A Beginners Guide to Witchcraft

There is no need to feel disconnected, unsure of what to practice or how to practice witchcraft.

Witch Academy is a shop of witchcraft printables that are growing.

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Thank you for reading.

Blessed Be,

Bec Black

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