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Style Your Hair with the Pagan & Witchy Accessories


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Style your hair with these pagan and witchy hair accessories. 

Elevate your hair style with the mystical and enchanting touch of Pagan and witchy accessories. These unique hair clips, pins, and barrettes showcase miniature scenes that embody themes of magick, transformation, honor, gratitude, and all things witchy cool!

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If you're someone who appreciates the mystical and enjoys adding a touch of enchantment to your style, these pagan and witchy accessories are just what you need. They are the perfect way to embrace your inner witch and add a whimsical charm to your hair.

 These pagan and witchy accessories are made from a lightweight and durable metal, making them perfect for any hairstyle.

They are versatile and can easily complement any outfit, making them ideal for daily use.

Whether you're going for a festive look or a classic witch aesthetic, these hair accessories are suitable for various occasions.


  • Made from lightweight and durable metal
  • Miniature scenes depicting themes of magick and witchcraft
  • Suitable for any hair style
  • Can easily match any outfit
  • Ideal for daily use


  • Adds a touch of magick and charm to your hair style
  • Perfect for fans of the occult or whimsical accessories
  • Versatile for various occasions and styles
  • Durable and long-lasting

Style 1: Bat winged Cat 
The bat winged cat is a symbol that combines elements of both good fortune and darkness. In Asian countries, bats are seen as a symbol of good luck, while in Europe they are associated with darkness and demons. For witches, bats represent mystical powers and when combined with a cat, they become a powerful familiar or power animal. Embrace your inner witch and add a touch of enchantment to your hairstyle with this bat winged cat accessory.

Style 2: Pentagram Moons 
Pagan and witchy accessories often feature the symbol of the pentagram and moons. The pentagram, a five-pointed star, is a well-known esoteric symbol that represents protection and serves as a gateway. When a circle is added around the star, it becomes a pentacle, which is a sign of protection for witches. The inclusion of two moons in these accessories symbolizes the powerful Goddess. When the moons are depicted facing back to back with the pentagram in the center, it represents the cycles that the moon transitions through.

Style 3: Moons, Tree of Life & Eternity Knot

Moons, the tree of life, and the eternity knot are all pagan and witchy accessories that hold significant meaning. The tree of life, a symbol found in various mythologies and religions, represents the connection between different realms and the cycle of life. It is often associated with sacredness and the pursuit of knowledge. The eternity knot, on the other hand, symbolizes the journey towards enlightenment and spiritual growth. Together, these accessories embody the mystical and spiritual aspects of paganism and witchcraft.

    Style 4: Eternity Knot
    The eternity knot, also known as the endless knot or the glorious knot, holds deep symbolism in various cultures, particularly for witches. This intricately designed knot represents boundless wisdom and serves as a powerful symbol of eternal interconnectedness and enlightenment.

    Style 5: Viking Ship & Axe
    The Viking ship and axe are both significant symbols in Norse culture and mythology. The Viking ship represents various aspects of life and death, serving as a means of transportation, trade, and warfare. It also holds symbolic value as a burial vessel, representing the journey into the afterlife. The axe, on the other hand, symbolizes fertility and growth, representing the ability to cultivate and nourish the earth. As talismans, both the Viking ship and axe are believed to bring strength and protection to those who possess them.

    Style 6: Celtic Wolf
    Celtic Wolf hair accessories are inspired by the ancient pagan traditions and the symbolism of the she-wolf. In these traditions, wolves were seen as magical creatures and were associated with personal transformation. During Yuletide, pagan witches would conduct ceremonies to honor the energy of the wolf. These hair accessories pay homage to this ancient connection and serve as a reminder of the power of transformation and the connection to nature.

    Style 7: Dragon with Medallion
    This hair accessory features a dragon symbol, which is often associated with bringing eternal changes and is seen as a guardian and protector. The medallion, known as a Vegvisir Compass, is a Nordic mystic rune that offers protection from losing one's way. Together, these symbols serve as a reminder to take the time to stop and focus on your journey, allowing yourself to be guided on the right path for you.

    If you appreciates the mystical and enjoy adding a touch of enchantment to your style, these Pagan and witchy accessories are a must-have. They are the perfect way to embrace your inner witch and infuse your hair with a whimsical charm.

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    + Correspondences- Elements, energy, herbs, crystals, colours, trees, flowers, fruits, animals.

    + Dream Journal- Reflect on the insightful messages from your dream state and record them in your diary.

    + Tarot Journal- Gain useful and insightful guidance with monthly Tarot readings, record and keep track of the results.

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