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WEAR YOUR SPELL Witch T-shirt. Moon Protection Spell. Magickal correspondence: Moon Cross, Moonstone & Jasmine

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Show off your witchy side wearing this WEAR your SPELL, Moon Cross Protection Spell, Witch T-shirt.

Once you have practiced the spell below, wear your t-shirt to enhance and embody the energy of the spell. Manifest and let your magick flow.

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The Lunate Cross, also known as the Crescent Cross or Moon Cross, holds significant meaning in the realm of witchcraft. It combines the crescent moon, symbolizing the divine feminine and intuition, with the cross, representing the connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Within witchcraft, the Lunate Cross represents the harmonious balance between opposing forces, such as light and dark, life and death, and the earthly and the divine. It is often utilized as a symbol of protection, guidance, and the cyclical nature of life and magick. Incorporate the Lunate Cross into rituals, spells, and altar arrangements to harness its powerful energies and invoke the wisdom of the moon and the sacred mysteries it embodies.

 Moon Protection Spell 🌙

You will need
  1. A representation of the LUNATE CROSS or MOON CROSS symbol (drawn on paper or as an amulet)
  2. SILVER or WHITE CANDLE (for lunar energy and purity)
  3. MOONSTONE CRYSTAL (for enhancing intuition and connecting with lunar energy)
  4. JASMINE fresh, incense or oil (for invoking lunar energies and enhancing psychic abilities)
  5. A quiet and sacred space
  1. Set Up Your Space: Find a quiet and sacred space where you can work with the Moon Cross. Ensure you have enough room for your tools.
  2. Moon Cross Symbol: Place the representation of the Lunate Cross or Moon Cross in the center of your space. This symbol is associated with lunar energy, balance, and intuition.
  3. Silver/White Candle: Place the Silver or White Candle near the Moon Cross. Light it and say:
    "Moon Cross symbol, radiant and bright, With this silver/white candle, we seek lunar light. Illuminate our path, in this sacred night, As we invoke your power, in this sacred rite."
  4. Moonstone Crystal: Place the Moonstone Crystal near the Moon Cross. Hold it in your hand and say:
    "Moonstone, crystal of intuition so keen, Enhance our psychic abilities in this sacred scene. With Moon Cross symbol, our connection shall grow, In this mystical journey, let wisdom flow."
  5. Jasmine Incense/Oil: Light the jasmine incense or use jasmine oil in a diffuser to fill the space with its fragrance. Jasmine is known for invoking lunar energies and enhancing psychic abilities.
  6. Intentions: Focus on your intention for this spell, whether it's seeking lunar guidance, enhancing your intuition, or connecting with the Moon's energy. Visualize the Moon Cross radiating with energy and your intention coming to life.
  7. Meditation: Sit quietly in front of the Moon Cross and focus on its energy. Close your eyes and allow any insights, messages, or visions to come to you as you meditate on the lunar energies.
  8. Empowerment: Place your hands over the representation of the Moon Cross and feel its energy, as well as the energy of the candle, Moonstone, and jasmine, merging with your own. Say:
    "Moon Cross symbol, emblem of lunar grace, I empower you now, in this sacred space. With silver/white candle, Moonstone, and jasmine's grace, Bless my path, grant me wisdom in this sacred place."
  9. Closing: Thank the Moon Cross for its lunar blessings and guidance during this spell.
  10. Maintaining Lunar Wisdom: Keep the representation of the Moon Cross and the Moonstone crystal in a special place in your sacred space or on your altar to remind you of lunar wisdom and intuition. You can repeat this spell as needed to deepen your connection with lunar energies and enhance your psychic abilities.

This spell uses the Moon Cross as a symbol of lunar wisdom and empowerment and combines the correspondences of a silver/white candle, Moonstone crystal, and jasmine incense or oil to invoke the guidance and intuition of the Moon's energy. Approach this spell with respect, intention, and a focus on connecting with the lunar realm.


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