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WEAR YOUR SPELL Witch T-shirt. Four Elements Energy Balancing Spell. Magickal correspondences: Fire, Air, Water, Earth

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Show off your witchy side wearing this WEAR your SPELL, Fire, Air, Water & Earth, Witch T-shirt.

Once you have practiced the spell below, wear your t-shirt to enhance and embody the energy of the spell. Manifest and let your magick flow.

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 Four Elements Energy Balancing Spell 🌙

You will need

  1. A small candle (for FIRE)
  2. Incense or feathers (for AIR)
  3. bowl of water (for WATER)
  4. A small dish of salt or soil (for EARTH)
  5. A quiet and sacred space


  1. Set Up Your Space: Find a quiet and sacred space where you won't be disturbed. Ensure you have enough room to work with the elemental tools.
  2. Fire (Candle): Place the candle in front of you. Light it and say:
    "Element of Fire, burning bright, Bring your passion and strength into my sight. Ignite my spirit and inner flame, Balance me now, in your name."
  3. Air (Incense/Feathers): Wave the incense or feathers through the air, allowing the smoke or the gentle rustling of feathers to fill the space. Say:
    "Element of Air, swirling free, Carry away what no longer serves me. Bring clarity to my mind and thoughts, Balance me now, as spirit soars."
  4. Water (Bowl of Water): Dip your fingers into the bowl of water and sprinkle a few drops on your forehead or heart while saying:
    "Element of Water, flowing deep, Emotions and intuition, you help me keep. Wash away what's heavy and dense, Balance me now, in your presence."
  5. Earth (Salt/Soil): Sprinkle a pinch of salt or soil onto the palm of your hand and say:
    "Element of Earth, steady and true, Ground and center me, as I seek to renew. In your strength and stability, I find my place, Balance me now, in your embrace."
  6. Elemental Meditation: Sit comfortably in the center of your elemental tools (candle, incense/feathers, bowl of water, and salt/soil). Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine each element's energy surrounding you, working together in harmony to balance and align your inner energies.
  7. Balance Visualization: Envision yourself in perfect balance, like a star at the center of the four elemental forces. Feel the strength of each element supporting and harmonizing your being.
  8. Closing: When you feel balanced and connected to the elemental energies, thank Fire, Air, Water, and Earth for their assistance in this spell.
  9. Journaling: After the spell, write down your experiences, thoughts, and sensations during the elemental balancing. This will help you track your progress and understand how the elements affect your inner equilibrium.
  10. Maintain Balance: Keep the elemental tools (candle, incense/feathers, bowl of water, and salt/soil) in a sacred space or on your altar to remind you of the importance of balance in your spiritual practice and daily life.

This spell invokes the energies of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth to help you achieve balance and harmony within yourself. Approach this spell with respect, intention, and a willingness to connect with the elemental energies.


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