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WEAR YOUR SPELL Witch T-shirt. Protection & Intuition Spell. Magickal correspondences: Artemis, Athamé & Amethyst

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Show off your witchy side wearing this WEAR YOUR SPELL, Artemis, Athamé & Amethyst Witch T-shirt.

Once you have practiced the spell below, wear your t-shirt to enhance and embody the energy of the spell. Manifest and let your magick flow.

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  • High-quality print designed by Witchcraft Spells Magick. 
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  Artemis' Protection and Intuition Spell 🌙

You will need

  1. A quiet, natural setting (outdoors, if possible) to embody the energies of ARTEMIS
  2. An ATHAMÉ (ritual knife) or a small knife with a black handle
  4. A clear night sky or a view of the moon and stars


  1. Choose a Sacred Space: Find a quiet, natural setting, preferably outdoors, where you can connect with the energies of Artemis. It could be a forest, a garden, or any place that resonates with you.
  2. Prepare Your Tools: Place the Athamé and Amethyst on a small altar or flat surface. If you have a small black or dark-colored cloth to place them on, it can enhance the connection to Artemis' protective energy.
  3. Connect with the Night: Stand or sit comfortably in your chosen space and take a few deep breaths. Look up at the night sky, whether it's the moon, stars, or simply the darkness. Visualize yourself surrounded by Artemis' protective aura.
  4. Artemis Invocation: Raise your athamé or knife toward the night sky and say the following invocation or create your own:
    "Goddess Artemis, protector of the wild, I call upon your strength, so undefiled. With athamé and amethyst, I stand in your grace, Guard me from harm in this sacred space."
  5. Amethyst Charging: Hold the amethyst in your hand and visualize it absorbing the protective energy of Artemis. Imagine a purple light surrounding the crystal, growing stronger with each breath.
  6. Athamé Empowerment: With your athamé or knife, draw a protective circle around yourself, extending the blade outward. As you do this, visualize a shimmering, protective barrier forming around you.
  7. Amethyst Blessing: Place the charged amethyst on your altar or in your pocket. Say:
    "Amethyst, stone of intuition and insight, Empower my senses, both day and night. With Artemis' guidance and your violet hue, May my inner wisdom shine brightly and true."
  8. Meditation and Intuition: Sit in quiet meditation for a few moments, focusing on the protective circle you've created and the amethyst's energy. Trust your intuition and any insights that may come to you.
  9. Closing: When you're ready to conclude the spell, thank Artemis for her protection and guidance. To release the protective circle, simply imagine it dissolving or visualize yourself stepping out of it.
  10. Keep the Amethyst: Carry the amethyst with you or keep it in a safe place to enhance your intuition and protection in daily life.

Remember to always approach spellwork with respect and intention, and be mindful of the energy you are working with. This spell is designed to invoke the protective and intuitive energies of Artemis, Athamé, and Amethyst to enhance your spiritual practice and well-being.


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