Witchcraft History

Witchcraft History
Ancestor witches, wise men and women, healers and seers.

Witchcraft History - Origins, Values, Myth + Magick

Our witch ancestors include some of the most talented, caring and wise people to walk the Earth. Witchcraft history is rich with multidimensional knowledge, of nature, spirit and beyond.

Throughout witchcraft history, witches go by a variety of names and roles. Healers, Midwives, Shaman, Seers, Herbalists, Professors, Witch Doctors, Sages, Mages, Voodoo Queens, Clairvoyants, Astrologers, Mediums and Apothecarists - all have been termed 'Witches'.

The word 'Witch' historically has been used to prosecute, insult and offend. Witchcraft history is thick with accusations, outcasting and horrific crimes.

Witchcraft history is an ancient and magickal journey, from past life to this life.

Witches have existed since the dawn of humanity and they will exist to the death of it.

Stonehenge-prehistoric stone circle monument-3000-BCEStonehenge - Prehistoric stone circle monument 3000 BCE

Witchcraft a Secret History

What does it mean to be a witch? The answer lies deep inside the heart, mind and soul of every witch.

Witchcraft a secret history is hidden in a witch's intuition, instinct, foresight, mediumship and energy. For a witch's power and energy exist beyond the everyday world.

Witches have a knowing. They often 'know' that from the beginning of time they have been a witch. They can feel their witch ancestor's spirits, energies and vibrations.

Witchcraft a secret history, is hidden throughout time - past, present and future. Witches know that time exists outside our human brains, where past, present and future can vibrate simultaneously. 

Isis-Egyptian-goddess-of-witchcraftIsis - Egyptian Goddess of the Moon, life and magick. Mother and healer, 5th Dynasty, 2494 BCE.

Witchcraft History Timeline

From ancient primitive civilizations of nature-based and Polytheism worship to the modern world. The witchcraft history timeline is scattered through every culture and time period since the dawn of humanity.

Our ancient ancestors lived off the land, they moved around with respect. They took only what was needed to survive. These primitive tribes included a healer or seer, who guided them, healed them and lead the tribe through all seasons of time. This healer or seer was the tribes witch by use of modern terminology. Cultures have evolved and changed. Through all the witch has persevered, under gone many titles and metamorphosis. 

Witchcraft is an ancient nature and fertility based religion. Mother Nature provided what the ancients needed to survive. Ancient honoring of nature and life was a necessity, it is woven through every culture throughout time. There is not one path of the witchcraft evolution. The witchcraft history timeline is a cross over and interwoven blanket of magick and energy, spanning the lineage of humanity.

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10,000 year old cave paining in Magura Cave, Bulgaria. Images depict festivals and ancient Balkans deities.
10,000 year old cave painting in 
Magura Cave, Bulgaria. Images depict festivals and ancient Balkans deities.

Evidence and knowledge of the fact, is illustrated in ancient cave art. The 10,000 year old cave painting in the Magura Cave, Bulgaria demonstrates this. Images depict festivals and ancient Balkans deities. There are countless examples of such art showing how the ancients lived. Ancient caves, pyramids and temples show images of spirits both human, animal and divine, the afterlife, magick, talismans and spells are evident throughout prehistoric and ancient times.

Witchcraft history timeline from prehistoric and ancient times has been centred around offering gratitude during the seasonal changes. Festivals and celebrations have always been held, the evidence is stated above. Ceremonies to honor the Gods and Goddesses for a safe winter, strong harvest, food, shelter and life. 

The ancient Egyptians believed 'heka' magick was the force used to create the world. Isis is known for her magickal powers, greater than other Gods and Goddesses. Isis is protector of the land, the sky, nature and femininity.

The Temple of Apollo, at Delphi
The Temple of Apollo, at Delphi is a temple built for the God Apollo.
God of music, harmony, light, healing, and oracles, built in 510 B.C.

The ancient Greeks enabled the power of binding, where a person with magickal knowledge could take spiritual or in some cases physical control of another person, object or environment. Myth and legend tells the tale of such sorcery, Circe from Homer's Odyssey.

With the rise of Christianity from the 4th CE, the Pagan classic world would endure centuries of prosecution and premeditated annihilation. The Witchcraft history timeline is ridden with prosecution, injustice, torture and death. The barbaric destruction of the Classic World was justified in the name of Christ.

Read or listen on audible to The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixxy.

Parallel to the travesties throughout witchcraft history is a rich fabric woven with mystic magick, mystery and endless life-fulfilling opportunities to connect and live on a deeper level.

All attempts to obliterate Witchcraft from history have been in vain, as we enter what well may be the most powerful Age of the Witch - Modern Witchcraft. As the witchcraft history timeline enters this new chapter, potentially it is the most powerful time to embrace being a witch. Enviably we will likely see another evolution and metamorphosis of what is means to practice witchcraft.

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 Triptych of Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre, 19th century, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861) V&A Museum no. E.1333:1 to 3-1922 Technique - Woodblock printTriptych of Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre, 19th century, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797 - 1861) V&A Museum no. E.1333:1 to 3-1922

Modern Witchcraft

Reclaiming the term 'Witch' means identifying with self, nature and honoring the lives of extraordinary witches of the past. 

Calling ourselves 'Witch' communicates a clear respect for nature and our surrounding environment. For without nature a witch is powerless.

Modern witches show respect and gratitude for divine and metaphysical energies. Modern witchcraft questions, cares and is unapologetically anti-establishment. Reclaiming a voice, respect and influence after centuries of being forced to conform or suffer the consequences. 

Modern witches are on a constant quest to learn and practice witchcraft. 

Together we can change witchcraft history. May we rise from the ashes of the burning times, prosecution, ignorance, and destruction of the Pagan world. 

Witchcraft History Books

When it comes to books about witchcraft history, there are many.

This list contains some of the best, well written and researched witchcraft history books. 

#4 of the best - Witchcraft History Books

  1. The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present by Ronald Hutton

  2. ABC Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente

  3. A History of Magic, Witchcraft and The Occult by Suzannah Lipscomb

  4. The Occult Book - A chronological Journey from Alchemy to Wicca by John Michael Greer


History of Witchcraft Documentary

Choosing a witchcraft history documentary is tricky. There are many factors to consider when selecting a history of witchcraft documentary. The following list considers quality and source of information.

#3 of the best - History of Witchcraft Documentaries

  1. Witchcraft: The Truth Behind The World's Fastest Growing Religion featuring host Ronald Hutton

  2. National Geographic Witchcraft Myths and Legends 1 of 2 Witchcraft

  3. Under the Pagan Sky available through Apple

History of Witchcraft Podcast

The following history of witchcraft podcast list are included for their mix of well researched, quality curation and structured engaging listening. 

#4 of the best - History of Witchcraft Podcasts

  1. Witchcraft and Margaret Murray - BBC Radio

  2. The History of WitchcraftSamuel Hume

  3. The White Witch Podcast 

    - Carly Rose

  4. Elder Hour

     - Juliet Diaz (History of Witchcraft - Plants)

    Witchcraft history is rich in colour with a vivid palette of black on black. The witchcraft timeline is gritty, dirty and scorned. Witchcraft history reads like the back of a tapestry beautiful and full of knots and holes. The side that is hidden and attempted to be forgotten, but is the actual foundation to existence.

    Blessings Witches,

    Bec Black

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