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Witchcraft definition - Magick, Spells + the Supernatural

Witchcraft involves the practice of magick, spells and working with the supernatural. 

For the most part, this witchcraft definition is of unanimous agreement.  Traditionally witchcraft has been defined as being associated with the harm of others.

To understand why one must delve into witchcraft history and the suppression of intelligent, gifted healers, midwives, seers, herbalists, mediums and magick workers. 

For what better way to suppress and control gifted people who could easily become seen to have abilities that may cause the masses to question their own indoctrination. 

Witchcraft defined in this way, as 'harming others' is riddled with misconceptions and is highly stereotypical.

The definition of witchcraft associated with harm is not wrong. That is what witchcraft has been defined as throughout history. But to say that is 'the' definition of witchcraft is highly inaccurate.

Governing authorities for centuries reuse the same solution. Make everyday folk question the very people that are their healers and helpers. The tactic is a masterfully play to control the masses' mindset. What better way than people's own superstitions and doubts. Have people believe that the very people helping them are instead of helping and healing, causing them harm. 

Once you understand why this association has been made, the reference is laughable. 

To understand witchcraft defined, you must venture to the actual heart, soul and vibration of witchcraft.

For this is far deeper than our mere human existence. Once you capture the truth and core of witchcraft, the reference to the harm of others is nothing more than a malicious act of vengeance. In this form, anyone is capable of harm and vengeance - witch or no witch. The term harm serves no place in association with witchcraft, it is a human trait not one of witchcraft.

Doreen Valiente refers to witchcraft as the Craft of the wise. This is a remarkable insight and witchcraft definition. Witchcraft is the key to unlocking the power to live in tune with the natural environment. 

What is Witchcraft
Modern witch

What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is prominently a natural-based fertility religion dating back to the origins of humanity. First and foremost, the word Fertility should not be misunderstood nor simplified.

The term, Fertility in this context refers to NO single gender, it includes all genders, ecosystems, life cycles, ebbs and flows of energy that surround us. Every living creature, plant and energy form. Every vibration has to be fertilized and born. Every living organism has become fertile and come in to existence. 

Witchcraft honors the fertility of life. Witchcraft is defined as a pulse of energy which vibrates through the universe through time. Witchcraft transforms, it adapts to the practicing witch. When a witches powers are fertile they are rich with vigour and quest for magick.

Witchcraft is a search for knowledge!

A quest of learning, seeking and understanding.

Combined with an innate how to guide called, Intuition. Witchcraft opens this other sense, intuition is the unofficial six sense of the human mainframe.

Delve into what is witchcraft and you will discover is a nature-based ideology.

Witchcraft defined holds nature and the divine at its fundamental core.

What is witchcraft? It is pure life itself, magick in the everyday miracle of life, respect and gratitude, magicak plants gifted from nature.

Witchcraft is a deepen connection and experiences with self, others, divine and powerful energies of enlightenment.

Today's witches just as their ancestors did are unapologetically who they are. They experience reality differently from most, they see things and feel things the world fails to. Magick is real and abundant.

What does Witchcraft Mean
Witchcraft is an access to a deep divine and cosmic energy connection

What does Witchcraft Mean?

Witchcraft means a person's deep connection with energy; nature, divine and metaphysical. 

Hollywood and popular culture have masterfully shaped the character of the witch. 

But still, witchcraft defined is subjected layers upon layers to the woes of; History, Hollywood and Hell. 

For the most part, intelligent scholars can independently follow the trail of witchcraft through history, researching accordingly the facts and truths. 

Hollywood and pop culture is shifting from the evil ugly witch stereotype. Can male witches or witches of colour get explored? There are minimal examples.

Witchcraft defined is subject to the 'hell' complex. The Christian branding and belief that all witches are going to hell for being witches. That all witches worship the devil etc. The devil in this context is a Christian icon, not a Pagan one.

Witchcraft Spells Magick Instagram gets overwhelmed with comments repenting witches souls. I rather delete them at this point, but in future may post... Learn your history; The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixey

What does witchcraft mean? It sure doesn't mean gender as we are lead to believe those practicing witchcraft are predominately female. This is a far leap from reality - as witchcraft by definition has no gender.

What does it mean to be a witch?During Walpurgisnacht, Walpurgis Night or Witch's Night, deprived from the ancient Pagan festival
of Beltane, people dress as witches. The costumes are cliché and symbolic.
Much like Samhain or Halloween costumes which by no coincidence is 6 months later.

What does it mean to be a witch?

Firstly let's dispel the cliché - what does it mean to be a witch? 

It does not mean all-black attire, a tall pointing hat, a cackling laugh, or a black heart ready to do harm to others. Some or all of those things may be involved - for some. But they are NOT what it means to be a witch.

What does it mean to be a witch? It means being present in the world and seeing and knowing there are deep vibrations and meanings behind life. 

Our existence is not merely a fluke, we exist in time and place with energy. Witches utilize the surrounding energies whether that be their own, nature, divine, or metaphysical to create change in accordance with will. 

See post: Manifest Change in Accordance with Will

The more you partake in witchcraft you will understand that banishment is a better choice than harm. For within every action exists consequences, a ripple through the universe of that energy.

Witches understand the pulse of the world is far grander and greater than their own pulse. Witches are humble to natural and universal energies, grateful and conscious at all times. That is how we sustain, that is the way of the witch through time and how we can endure for eternity. 

Witchcraft defined - Witch AncestorsWitch ancestors had extensive knowledge of healing plants and apothecary

Witchcraft defined - Witch Ancestors

Our witch ancestors include some of the most talented, caring and wise people to ever walk the Earth.

Healers, Midwives, Shaman, Herbalists, Professors, Witch Doctors, Sages, Mages, Voodoo Queens, Clairvoyants, Astrologers, Mediums and Apothecarists - all have been termed 'Witches'.

The term 'Witch' historically has been used to prosecute, insult and offend. All these magicak helpers, healers and people communities turned to in times of need have been historically been turned on.

Reclaiming the term 'Witch' means identifying with self, nature and undertaking a journey of self-fulfilment. Connecting with divine, spiritual and manifesting energies beyond everyday consciousness.

Witch hunts illustration

An illustration of a woman convicted of witchcraft being burned at the stake, 1692


Witchcraft defined - Witch Hunts

When was witchcraft a crime?

Helen Duncan also known as Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan was the last person imprisoned under the Witchcraft Act 1735, Great Britain. She was found guilty of ectoplasm which is spirit energy produced by mediums. Helen was proven to be using cheesecloth. 

The witchcraft Act 1735 made witchcraft punishable by fine or imprisonment. Before this was the Witchcraft Act 1542 where the practice of witchcraft was punishable by death.

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Africa still maintain the practice of witchcraft as punishment by death.

Is Witchcraft illegal in Canada? In Canada, practicing witchcraft is not a crime but pretending to practice, extort and deceive others by practicing witchcraft is an offence.

 What is Salem WitchcraftMap of Salem, Massachusetts 1692, during Witch Hunts (June 1692–May 1693)

What is Salem Witchcraft

Salem witchcraft is the result of the witchcraft panic which engulfed Europe from 1300 to the end of 1700. It spread to the Americas, where Salem, Massachusetts was at the core of some of the panic. 

An overwhelming percentage of accused were women 78%, this assumption that witches are women is evidence of the inaccuracies of their witchcraft definition.


Fuelled by Christian beliefs that witchcraft was worshipping the devil, the uneducated and superstitious villagers were easy prey. Their trusted leader at the time was Reverend Cotton Mathers. Who spread the story of the Goodwin children who fits, pains and drawn out tongues were the result of worshipping the devil.

At the time this unexplained medical condition could well have been hereditary epilepsy. Reverend Cotton Mathers saw a way to use the children's misfortunate medical condition as a being the cause of witchcraft and devil worship. 

Salem Witchcraft Trials Definition

After the first fear set in the hysteria that followed was the result of Christian opportunists. Carrying out horrendous crimes in the name of God.

The Salem witch trials definition is a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft. They took place in colonial Massachusetts during February 1692 and May 1693.

More than 200 people were accused and tried. 30 were found guilty, 19 of whom were executed by hanging. There was tortured confessions and inconstant documentation, the majority of people could not read or write. 

The effects of Salem witchcraft were yet another devastating chapter in the history of witchcraft. They were responsible for fuelling more witch hunts across Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland where 110,000 were tried and 60,000 were executed.

 Witchcraft Defined: What is Nature MagickNature's gifts, collect when available.
Ideal for altar decorations, spell crafting, ritual, spell bottles, any magick and witchy crafting. 

Witchcraft Defined: What is Nature Magick?

Through the ashes we will rise, witchcraft history is ridden with injustice, often the accused were not witches themselves.

There is no doubt that whilst those executed may have been scapegoats - the real witches existed. Through the monstrosities of witchcraft history the spirit of witchcraft prevailed.

What is nature magick? Natural magick maybe to you seems like an oxymoron, a contraction of terms. Often people think of magick as being separate to nature, magick is supernatural of which it is. To truely practice magick a witch must engage and venture deeply beyond and for the most part the secret to success magick lie in nature.

What does magick need to work? The quick answer is through and by nature and the powers of the elements. For this is the irony of the entire above. Witchcraft definition is far different to the way the world has projected a definition.

Types of Nature Magick

Witchcraft is defined through a series of types of nature magick; Earth Magick, Water Magick, Air Magick, and Fire Magick.

Occult philosophers, alchemists, magicians and witches have always referred to the material world being composed of the elements of earth water, air and fire. Beyond this exit is the fifth element 'Ether' or spirit. These make up the five pointed pentagram one of the most powerful symbols to witches.

A witchcraft definition might just well be as simple as the types of nature magick. The complex witchcraft history which is part has been addressed is a far distance from the true heart and soul of witchcraft defined.

When all is said and done, a true witchcraft definition can only be explained by the witch themselves.

There is no dictation of definition that can necessarily define witchcraft.

It is everywhere and always will be.

The power to a definition witchcraft is a key held within each witch. 

Blessings Friends,

Bec Black


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