What is a Sigil and How to Create Your Own

Agrippa's Seal of Saturn or Sigil of SaturnAgrippa's Seal of Saturn or Sigil of Saturn.

Sigils are ancient symbols that have been used for centuries to represent a specific intention or desire. They are often used in magic and spiritual practices to manifest a desired outcome. In this guide, we'll explore the history of sigils and provide step-by-step instructions on how to create your own personalized sigil.

What is a sigil and its history?

A sigil is a symbol that is created to represent a specific intention or desire. The history of sigils can be traced back to ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians and the Greeks.

In medieval times, sigils were used in magic and alchemy to represent different elements and spirits.

Today, sigils are still used in spiritual practices and are often associated with the law of attraction and manifestation.

Ancient seals the first sigilsA SIGIL is a seal, signature or signet, has been used throughout history since Ancient Egyptian and the Early Minoan age, 3000 BC.

Sigil Meaning

The term sigil derives from the Latin sigillum, meaning "seal" and it is the base of many other English words such as signature, sign, and signal.  

Traditionally sigil magick was associated and used to summon an angel, daemon, or spirit. Daemon is derived from the Greek word 'Daimon', interrupted as meaning with 'godlike power', referring to minor Gods.

Modern witchcraft uses sigils as a means to manifest an intention in accordance with will to achieve a desired goal and effect.

A sigil meaning needs to be connected to a witch's desire. Witchcraft sigils can be created or you may choose to use a preexisting magick sigil. If you choose to use a sigil which already exists make sure it has deep significance and meaning to you. The sigil you choose should be a highly potent correspondence to the nature of the magick you want to practice.

Magick SigilsMagick sigils consist of energy in many forms.

Magick Sigils

A magick symbol takes time and thought. You will be required to connected and invest energy in magick sigils. 

Sigils represent your ideas, qualities, spirits, and all that exists. Magick sigils when combined with repetition have the power to manifest change and action your desires.

There are many ways you can design a sigil; trance, dreams, or use of your subconscious are all powerful ways. 

How to Make Sigils

There are two main groups for how to make sigils. Sigils are defined as either; mental sigils or physical sigils

There is not necessarily a better way for how to make sigils. Each has its benefits and strengths.

Identify why you want to make the sigil, your level of magickal experience, convenience and how you plan to articulate and implement the sigils in your magickal practice.

Mental SigilsMental sigils take effect and release through mental visualizations and energy.

Mental Sigils

A mental sigil is cast through using a thought, mindset or visualization. The mental sigil is formed in your mind, through focus and concentration.

Mental sigils program your brain to create an energy which is released in to the universe in accordance with will to achieve a goal or influence.

This process requires a meditation, dance or trance focusing on the mental sigil to take effect and release the energy. This is how to activate a mental sigil.

Physical sigils release through the tangible symbol and whilst can involve meditation don't require it to have an effect.

Physical Sigils

The practice of using an actual visual representation of a symbol, this maybe an occult symbol or a purpose created symbol.

The sigil can word based or picture and is simplified to a symbol.

How to Make Sigils

There are many reasons why witches make sigils; protection, influence, good fortune, spirits or an array of reasons. The reason why you want to make your sigil will dictate how you make it.

The two main ways for; How to make sigils, is either through the letter sigils or pictorial sigils methods.

Letter Sigils - The Word Method
Sigil magick, examples of affirmations.

Letter Sigils - The Word Method

Express a clear sentence with minimal words, in the positive of what you want;
'I will ___' or 'I am ___'.

Cross out all duplicate letters and all vowels.

Take the remaining letters and place them together so they form a symbol.

Allow your intuition to guide you. The best sigil magick relies on your ability to connect with your subconscious and be lead by a deeper vibration.

Magick sigils in order to have meaning and effect require you to invest energy and invocation.  


Picture Method

Draw as simply as you can (stick figures are ideal) your intention.

Simply further, minimize lines, imagery to the basic essentials - the simpler and more specific the more powerful the sigil magick will be.

Deconstruct the remaining elements and place them over each other similar to the letters to create a sigil.

Sigils Witchcraft Book of Shadows with sigil magick.

Sigils Witchcraft 

Witches often use sigils to cast spells and manifest change. There a numerous sigils to inspire your witchcraft practice. Witchcraft sigils can be used to aid focusing, to help you focus on a goal, subject, task or in combination with another magick sigil.

Sigils can be used for mediation, to help improve concentration and a steady state of mind. Other sigils aid relaxation, clear thoughts, support memory, divination, or preparation for ritual.

Witches Wheel SigilUse this layout to create your Witches Wheel Sigil, instructions below.

Witches Wheel Sigil

The witches wheel sigil is a powerful symbol representing the whole universe and cosmos in one larger cycling wheel. This witch symbol also communicates the Pagan wheel of the year and the changing seasons. 

Wheels have been often used as protective magicak symbols on houses and warlike equipment such as helmets, shields, and other weapons. 

The Witches Wheel is a powerful altar decoration. Fortuna is the Goddess associated with the wheel, she who turns the fates of mortals.

The witches wheel sigil is a powerful tool if you can simplify your intention to a single word. Using the witches wheel sigil helps produce a line design that is straightforward and direct.

Consisting of the 26 letters of the English alphabet. The witches wheel sigil contains three circle layers, straight at the outer rim with 'A' and spirally inwards to 'Z'.

Witches Wheel Sigil Instructions

The witches wheel sigil works best when you have a specific simplified word for your intention.

Find the first letter in your word and draw a small circle to start your sigil. Next connect the first letter to the next by drawing a straight line. Continue onwards through the entire word in the order they appear. Complete the witches wheel sigil the same way as you started with a small circle.

Sigil for HekateUse this Sigil for Hekate as a base, add your own ideas.

Sigil for Hekate

Hekate also known as Hecate, is the ancient Greek Goddess of witchcraft. Many witches honor Hekate in their own witchcraft practice. 

Hekate's wheel is an ancient Greek symbol which can be used. Consisting of a wheel with a central star. This symbol is used as a Wiccan symbol and in the Hellenic Recon and Dianic witchcraft traditions.

Hekate is associated with the crossroads, entrance-ways, night, light, the moon, and magick. As well as knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery.

The triple deity, Hekate is represented with three female forms; signifying her domains of the moon and sky, earth and the underworld.
This triple deity identity was later transformed in to Maiden, Mother and Crone. Whilst early representations show her as a triple bodied form of the same age. 

A sigil for Hekate may contain; triple moon, Hekate's labyrinth, direction trident or arrows or crossroads. Or any of these symbols; torches, keys, torches, daggers, dogs, serpents and the moon are often displayed with her image.

The Grand Seal of Lilith - SigilThe Grand Seal of Lilith - Sigil

The Grand Seal of Lilith

Lilith is well known as the scorn first wife of Adam (aka Adam and Eve). Who was exiled for refusing to lay beneath Adam, seeing herself as an equal.

Early associations have been made that she was a Sumerian, Babylonian, or Hebrew mother goddess symbolic of childbirth, children, women, and sexuality.

Doreen Valiente, writes of Lilith, "the personification of erotic dreams, the suppressed desire for delights".

Charles Leland associated Aradia with Lilith. "Aradia is Herodias, who was regarded in stregheria folklore as being associated with Diana as chief of the witches. Leland further explains that Herodias is a name from west Asia and Lilith is the early form of the name.

Dion Fortune refers to Lilith as, "The Virgin Mary is reflected in Lilith", and that Lilith is responsible for "lustful dreams".

Modern witches often chose to honor Lilith in their magickal practice. 

Agrippa - Seal to SaturnAgrippa's Seal of Saturn or Sigil of Saturn

Agrippa's Seal to Saturn

Henry Cornelius Agrippa was a hermeticism scholar and occult writer. He wrote various books amongst them was; The Philosophy of Natural Magic, 1531, and Three Books of Occult Philosophy, 1533.

Sigils associate with planetary alignments were first published by Agrippa the Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Constructed through numerology and magick squares they present six planets. Each planet has a spirit, intelligence and energy. 

One of the most used is Agrippa's Seal of Saturn or Sigil of Saturn, for its powerful meaning. This sigil can be used to attract the beneficial energies of Saturn. The ability of protection, success, power, and attraction.

Saturn is the highest planet in occult cosmology meaning it is the most akin with the divine.

Magick Symbol

The following are some ideas for creating universal magick symbols. Sigils can be specific or they can versatile depending on the intended purpose. 

The idea is create a powerful symbol which frees your mind from thoughts and surrounding distracting energy. The idea is you focus on the intention and subconscious mind.

Magick Sigils - What is a SigilWitches often include the pentagram, direction and elemental correspondence in sigils.

Sigils for New Direction

One clear way to signify a sigil with a purpose to a specific direction is with a zig zag path.

Whilst direct is the ideal, energy which can pick up momentum will accumulate power. The zig zag pattern encourage intelligent accumulation of energy. Creating highly powerful sigil magcik. 

To strength the path to your desire, draw a line, rod or main structure through the center of your zip zag. Include triangles to communicate arrows to certain directions. Circles as a magick symbol to show continuity, momentum and eternal energy.


Self Love Sigil

To create a sigil to promote tranquility and inner calm often a circle is ideal. There might be lines of controlled flow to signify a clear state of mind, calm and controlled peaceful energy. A circle is symbolic of a vitality, a continuous flow of energy, no beginning and no ending. Eternal calm and release from tension.

This sigil can be used a a signal when situation get overwhelming. The sigil can work to activate your brain as a cue to change oath, rest or relinquish from the stress.


Money Sigil

There are two sides to this coin; when considering combining magick of any kind and money matters extreme caution should be practiced. Another means round the outcome is advised.

Magick works by the path of least resistance, since it is an energy form you are invoking the energy will travel by the most direct and easiest the path.

With this in mind if you do choose to practice money sigil magick, a mental sigil should accompany the physical sigil. This is not always necessary, but when ypu need a definitive direct path of magick use all the support you can conjure.

Repetition magick is advised as another direct technique to install clarity and your desired outcome.


Magick-Sigils-Meditation-SigilK.P.Theodore - The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick. Recreated by Witchcraft Spells Magick

Sigil Magick

There is a significant depth of opportunity to enhance your witchcraft practice using sigil magick.

Once you have decided on your magick sigil there are some important charging sigils and activating sigils considerations. 

Charging Sigils
using elemental energies and correspondences.

Charging Sigils

In order for a sigil to work and engage with your intention, a sigil needs to be charged.

Charging sigils can be done in a variety of ways. Spend some time holding your sigil, visualize, chant or dance focusing on your sigil's intention.

Other charging sigils ideas are using light, heat, movement, motion, focus, meditation, craft, or technology.

The goal is to active or charge your sigil with energy. For cleansing maybe you choose water or courage fire. 

Depending on the intention you may use elemental energies and correspondences.

Earth - grounding, centering, nature, tactile, home, or money.

Water - Intuition, fluidity, flow, emotions, dreams, sadness, cleansing, renewal, sleep, psychic abilities, healing, mensuration, or the mental health. 

Air - communication, ideas, memory, spirituality, happiness, or learning.

Fire - passion, love, sex, desire, ego, bravery, strength, courage, anger, or leadership.

Other means is by moonlight, sunlight, dreams, or music.

Activating SigilsBy fire, one of the three main ways to activate sigils. 

Activating Sigils

After your sigil is charged you will activate your magick symbol.

Literally this means make your sigil active, alive, set it forth into the world to manifest your intention.

There are three main ways to activate sigils.

1. Destructible - Sigil activates when destroyed; ie: burned, ripped, buried or placed in water.

2. Timed - Sigils drawn into a candle, draw on skin, sand or mark on a wall.

3. Permanent - These might be carved, protect them from diminishing.

Please not repetition magick is often a necessary component in witchcraft practice. 

Using a combination of mental sigils and physical sigils to manifest the same intention will enhance the power and energy of your desire.


Blessings with setting your sigil magick forward into the universe.  

Let kindness be one of your superpowers.

Blessed Be.

Bec Black

K.P.Theodore - The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick. Recreated by Witchcraft Spells Magick


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