Exploring the Use of Bones in Witchcraft & Magick

Bones-Witchcraft-MagickThe use of bones in magickal practice is a topic that can be controversial.

Bones hold the energy of the creature they came from, making them powerful tools in correspondence-based magick.

Bones and Skulls in Witchcraft

Discover the power of bones in magickal practice with this exploration of their use in witchcraft. Learn how bones hold energy and can be used in correspondence-based magick.

Exploring the Use of Bones in Witchcraft & Magick

The use of animal bones and remains in witchcraft is a controversial topic within the community. While some magickal practitioners incorporate these items into their rituals, others find it unethical or disrespectful to use animal parts in this way.

Despite the debate, it's not uncommon to see photos on social media of witchy altars adorned with teeth, fur, skulls, feet, and claws alongside other magical tools.

How do you feel about using bones in magickal practice?

Bones, Skulls and Witchcraft

Bones; Archaic Origins to Modern Practices

The use of bones and skulls in witchcraft has been a longstanding tradition, dating back centuries.

However, it is a topic that is often overlooked in modern witchcraft literature, leaving many practitioners unsure of how to incorporate it into their craft.

If you are drawn to the mystical properties of these objects, it is important to consider their significance and potential role in your practice.

The placement and use of bones in spells and rituals are highly relevant to the practitioner's magickal practice.

With their potent energy, bones can be a valuable addition to any magickal toolkit, to use in spells and magick.


Magick Bones Ethics

The use of bones and skulls in witchcraft is a common practice, but it is important to follow ethical guidelines.

It is never acceptable to harm an animal in order to obtain bones for magickal purposes.

Instead, bones can be ethically sourced from natural sources or purchased from reputable suppliers.

Remember, there is no need to harm any living creature in the pursuit of magic.

Here are some key points to keep in mind;

  • Never harm an animal in order to obtain bones for magickal purposes. 
  • There's no need to ever hurt an animal in magick. 
  • Bones can be ethically sourced from natural sources or purchased from reputable suppliers. 

Bones and Magick - Cleansing and purifying bones for magick

Bones - Cleansing

Bones, like other magickal tools, can accumulate energy over time.

In the practice of bone magick, it is important to cleanse the bones before using them in any ritual or spell.

This is because bones, like other magickal tools, can accumulate energy over time, which may interfere with the desired outcome of your workings.

If the bone has been passed through many hands or if the animal it came from experienced a traumatic death, it may carry negative energy that needs to be cleared before use.

Just as with crystals, cleansing bones is an important step in preparing them for magickal use.

Cleansing, purifying and sanctifying bones for magickal practice, a few methods you can use;

  • Place them under the light of the full moon, allowing the moon's energy to cleanse them.
  • Pass them through the smoke of incense, which is believed to have purifying properties.
  • Wash and rinse the bones with water while concentrating on your intention, visualizing any negative energy being washed away.


Bones - Respect & Honour

Representing the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

In witchcraft, bones can be used to symbolize the element of spirit, as they come from creatures that have passed on and can access other planes of existence.

To honor and respect the spirit of the bones, consider incorporating them into your altar and surrounding them with candles, flowers, and incense.

This will deepen your connection to the spiritual world and enhance your practice in unique and meaningful ways.

Bones - Protective Energy

For centuries, bones have been revered for their protective energy in the world of witchcraft and magick.

Many believe that bones hold spiritual power and can be utilized in various rituals and spells for purposes such as protection, healing, and divination.

This belief is deeply rooted in certain traditions and continues to be a significant aspect of many spiritual practices today.

Bones are believed to possess spiritual power and can be used in rituals and spells for protection, healing, and divination.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi's - Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton SpectreUtagawa Kuniyoshi's Sōma no furu-dairi (相馬の古内裏), also known as Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre

Bones - Archetypal & Mythology

Each bone contains the genetic history of its species, as well as a direct connection to the spirit and symbolism of the animal.

By delving into the myths, stories, and traits associated with the animal, you can tap into the powerful energy it brings and incorporate it into your own life.

Animal Remains? - Not for you

If the idea of using animal remains in your witchcraft practice makes you uncomfortable, that's perfectly fine.

It's important to only use materials that align with your personal beliefs and values. 

Sourcing Bones

Where to get animal bones for magickal practice?

You can find bones from deceased animals on your own, or purchase them online. 

There are many people who sell animal remains who can tell you exactly how they source their products.

The most important thing is to practice your craft in a way that feels authentic and respectful to you.

Blessed Be,

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